Community Houses

Community Houses

The Newman Community Houses are small Catholic Christian communities made up of students who live together while going to school here in San Luis Obispo. Each year students who choose to live in these houses and grow in their Christian faith, walk with other Catholics who are striving to do the same. The Community Houses began in 1983 by Father Vincent Walsh when he established the St. Joseph House. Since then, other houses have been established patterned on the St. Joseph House model. Currently there are four community houses: St. Joseph House, Faith House, Casa Maria, and Casa Romero. These houses have evolved through the initiatives of members of the Newman Community, as well as the wider Catholic Community of San Luis Obispo. We believe this development to be the work of the Holy Spirit in our midst.

The Vision for these Communities

  • That students live as faithful witnesses of the Catholic Christian (practicing Catholic) way of life through the sharing of their lives and prayer together.

  • That students be encouraged to come together as a community to worship at the Sunday College Mass and be actively involved in Newman activities and service.

  • That students be faithful to each other in the living of their house Covenants / Mission Statements.

  • That the houses become centers of hospitality for other students seeking friendship and community.

  • That each house work to create an atmosphere of friendship, respect, and trust in their neighborhood.

  • That each house member actively participates in their house's responsibility toward the Newman Center.

    St. Joseph House: Spring Retreat
    Faith House: Fall Retreat
    Casa Maria: Social Activities
    Casa Romero: Custodial

To this end, the Newman staff commits to serve the members of the community houses in the following ways:

Provide in-service for community development by:

  • Quarterly gatherings/workshops to set up and reflect on the community life experience.

  • Participate in and/or facilitate house meetings as requested by the members or by the owners/property managers.

  • Serve as arbitrator when the community faces difficulties.

  • Provide resources for the development of community.

  • Join in community life prayer and celebrations as the community desires.

Assist with the Application and Interview process by:

  • Coordinating with the owner/manager regarding openings, new member applications, subleases (when applicable).

  • Advertising openings as needed or desired by the current members.

  • Explaining the Covenant relationship of the members to potential members.

  • Helping with screening, interviewing and the selection of potential members.

St. Joseph House

House Dinner: Contact house if you'd like to attend
House Members: Sara Jones, Kyle McCarry,  Stephanie Serrano, Riley Carns, Luke Gamboa, and Jessica Burch

House Covenant

The Saint Joseph House honors the example of Saint Joseph the patron of the Universal Church. His love and strength as a father and husband created a welcoming home for Jesus and Mary. As the model worker, Saint Joseph provided a safe and loving home in which the Son of God grew to proclaim the Gospel to the world. The Saint Joseph House is home for college students whose commitment is to develop and live as a Catholic Christian family.

Saint Joseph, the patron of the Universal Church protects and provides for the body of Christ. We the Saint Joseph house commit ourselves to follow this example by welcoming the community into our home and encouraging all to live lives of faith. In his spirit, we strive to lead holy lives and to lead others to a deeper relationship with Christ.

Saint Joseph, the husband of Mary and father of Jesus, was an integral part of that intimate community the Holy Family. We the Saint Joseph House commit ourselves to follow his example supporting each other through our joys and hardships. We join together for weekly meals to nourish our bodies and spirits. We join in weekly prayer to draw closer together to God, mindful of our special devotion to Saint Joseph. Through the relaxed environment of our house, we enjoy each person’s unique background as we to grow in a loving and fun fellowship.

Saint Joseph, the model worker, selflessly labored as a carpenter to provide the material resources that his family needed. We the Saint Joseph House commit ourselves to this example by striving to keep a beautiful and well kept house for all to enjoy. We continually improve this blessed space through landscaping and other handiwork. Finally, we balance our lives as Christians and students by keeping faithful to our studies.

Saint Joseph, most just, chaste, obedient, and faithful spouse of Mary, you selflessly devoted your entire being to the well being of Jesus Christ and our Blessed Mother. Pray that we might imitate your holy example.

Faith House

House Dinner: contact house if you'd like to attend
House Members: Karley Kemble, Ingrid Alamila, Abbey Scholle, and Jack Hamlin

House Covenant

Our Catholic faith is a common thread that we share, which brings us together into Christian community. Following the example of Bill and Faith Ann Fieldhouse, we strive to create a welcoming, spirit-filled home with Christ at the center.

Casa Romero

House Dinner: Contact house if you'd like to attend
House Members: Brandon Brown, Jacob Corsaro, Matt Vasquez, Rafael Pintor, and Nick Rubio

House Covenant

Recognizing that faith and humility are essential to worshiping God, Casa Romero believes in fostering a hospitable atmosphere that strives to display God’s love through service to the entire Newman Community. House goals include:

Strengthening relationships in Newman through:

  • Weekly dinners together with guests

  • "Open Door Policy"

  • Strengthening intra-house relationships through monthly activity

Bringing new people into our Newman community:

  • Personal invitations to Mass and Newman activities

  • Participating in Newman outreach activities

  • Praying together as a community for Newman

  • Providing an open atmosphere for non-community house members

Service to those who are in need:

  • Participate in People's Kitchen

  • Pray as a community for those in need

Casa Maria

House Dinner: contact house if you'd like to attend
House Members: Lindsay Otto, Audrey Gerughty, Hillary Schulz, Meghan Hornbacker, and Margaret Caligaris

House Covenant

Casa Maria is a positive atmosphere of Catholic students providing support for people seeking spiritual growth and fellowship. To nurture our relationship with God and our community, we offer love, hospitality, and fun for all who enter our home. It is a place to focus and enrich our devotion to Mary. House goals include:

  • Open door policy

  • Show hospitality to all

  • Communication between each other

  • Respect for each other's opinions and ideas

  • Pray together

  • Share meals together

  • Care for our house 

  • Be an active member in the faith and local community

  • Pray the Rosary