Community Houses

Community Houses

The Newman Community Houses are small Catholic Christian communities made up of students who live together while going to school here in San Luis Obispo. Each year students who choose to live in these houses and grow in their Christian faith, walk with other Catholics who are striving to do the same. The Community Houses began in 1983 by Father Vincent Walsh when he established the St. Joseph House. Since then, other houses have been established patterned on the St. Joseph House model. Currently there are four community houses: St. Joseph House, Faith House, Casa Maria, and Trinity House. These houses have evolved through the initiatives of members of the Newman Community, as well as the wider Catholic Community of San Luis Obispo. We believe this development to be the work of the Holy Spirit in our midst.


Joe House (3).jpg

St. Joseph House

House Members: Danielle Taber, Kyle McCarry,  
Garrett Arbogast, Riley Carns, Luke Gamboa, and
Jessica Burch

House Responsibility: Spring Retreat


Faith House

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House Members: Chris McCoy, Ingrid Alamila, Abbey Scholle, and Jack Hamlin

House Responsibility:  Fall Retreat

Trinity House

Trinity House (2).jpg

House Members: David Hurley, Huy Nguyen, Brayden Antonio, Rafael Pintor, and Nick Rubio

House Responsibility: Custodial

Casa Maria

Casa Maria.jpg

House Members: Cameron Croghan, Audrey Gerughty, Hillary Schulz, Meghan Hornbacker, and Margaret Caligaris

House Responsibility: Social Activities