Spring 2015 Liturgy Survey Findings

Liturgy Survey Findings & Decision

  • 138 people responded to the Liturgy Survey
    • 601 – emails were sent out to students in our database.
  • Out of the 138 who did respond it was reported that the vast majority are already attending the Sunday 6:00pm Mass on a regular basis.
    • 107 of the 138 attend the 6pm Mass 2 to 4 times a month (70 of the 107 reported that they attend 4 times a month).
  • The Liturgy Survey did show a desire for a different time for Mass other than 6:00pm.
    • It was unclear in the survey whether a different time or a second Mass was essential given that most of those who responded already attend the 6:00pm Mass.

Nonetheless, after some thought, we decided to keep the 6:00pm Mass without adding another Mass on Sunday.

We felt adding a second Mass on Sunday morning would have a negative effect on:

  • Our commitment to the People’s Kitchen (serving a meal to the hungry of San Luis Obispo / second Sunday of every month).
  • Our preaching weekends to the local parishes of the San Luis Obispo Deanery / these weekends are a significant financial support to the Newman Center ($30,000 last year).
  • The 2 weekend retreats that we do each year (Fall and Spring)

Because of the nature of our 100% student community, we are also aware that we are dealing with somewhat limited resources and a more fluid community.  We also noted that three-day weekends for our student community always see a significant decline at the 6:00pm Mass, and the presumption is this would be even more significant for an earlier Mass.

We had a concern that about one third of the Masses we do during the academic year (deanery parish visits [5], weekend retreats [2], 3 days weekends [3], Mother’s Day weekend [1]) strain somewhat our liturgical resources.  We felt that adding a second Mass at this time would create significant difficulties in providing appropriate and consistent Liturgy for the community.

We also felt that there is a significant positive dimension to having the whole community gathered for one Mass together.  It tends to build one community as opposed to two different Mass communities.

Finally, there is a psychological positive dimension to walking into a Church / Chapel that is FULL as opposed to walking in to a Church / Chapel that is less than full.  This fullness creates an environment that fills the heart and makes people want to come back.

Thank you for taking the survey and for your interest and love for the Newman Catholic Community.